Our Sekei Dog Rescue Program works with carefully selected local dog rescue shelters in sekei, Arusha. The project is dedicated to the rescue, population control, rehabilitation and adoption of dogs in the local community.

Life for dogs in Tanzania can be very tough, and many dogs live on the streets or have been maltreated, suffering from abuse, malnutrition, and neglect. The stray dog’s population has been increasing with time due to uncontrolled breeding.  Street dogs in Tanzania are estimated to be 4 million and controlling their population is always dealt cruelly by the government and individuals.  These animals have been hated by many people as they are implicated with killing and eating free range local chicks, the black ones have been associated with believes that they cause misfortune if seen around one’s house and the majority are seen by people as the cause of the spread of the most feared disease, rabies. The community uses brutal methods of controlling their population like beating (clubbing) to death, suffocation, shooting, hanging, drowning, starving, poisoning with rodenticides incorporated in food baits, and other many cruel methods employed as stray dog population control and rabies control. Without dog shelters, there would be nowhere in the area for rescued dogs to be taken to. Most of the dogs residing at the project were being maltreated by their owner, or were living on the streets and had serious injuries from being run over, getting into fights with other dogs, or suffering beatings by market stall owners, as well as being malnourished and having a general mistrust of humans.

Volunteers play a vital role in helping with the day to day work at the project and supporting the physical and psychological wellbeing of the dogs. Volunteers work directly with the dogs, preparing their food, walking, socializing and training the dogs, as well as cleaning and doing basic maintenance.

The project is working to bring long-term changes by sterilizing street dogs to control the local dog population and supporting awareness and animal welfare campaigns about the importance of caring for dogs.

How You Will Make a Difference

You will work directly with trained veterinarians and staff to perform the following tasks:

  • Participate in daily feeding runs
  • Monitor the health of the different dog packs around Arusha
  • Assist in veterinarian services like sterilizations, vaccination against rabies and de-worming or doing minor surgeries.
  • Befriend local dog packs to build trust with humans
  • Cleaning of the clinic and general maintenance
  • Upkeep social media to spread awareness of the project
  • Work with the local community to educate and encourage for the safe, proper care of dogs.


This program is ideal for people that love dogs & experiencing different cultures. We would love to have trained vets, vets-in-training or individuals with kennel experience, but our doors are open to anyone as long as you love animals. Other skills we are looking for include:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have up-to-date rabies shots at the time of travel
  • Be willing to engage in manual labor
  • Have a genuine interest in animal well-being
  • Good physical fitness for outdoor work in a tropical climate.