Football’s main quality has always been its simplicity; it requires a bare minimum of equipment can be played pretty much anywhere – grass, concrete or sand – and is easy to pick-up. Played regularly it will develop many physical attributes: speed, stamina, balance and coordination being just a handful.
But football is about so much more than simply the physical side. It can be incredibly rewarding for children to participate in because it develops notions of teamwork, fair play, and respect, which in turn help to develop character. Within this social context, it can also be good for communities because football focuses the minds of younger people, occupying them with a wholesome, worthwhile activity and associated wider lifestyle.
For some who play football it can even be an avenue to fame and fortune but, for all, it’s ‘the beautiful game’!
Football is the favorite sport in Tanzania. Whether football flags on cars, stickers in taxis, locals in football jerseys or kids playing in the street, it is immediately apparent that Tanzanians are extremely passionate about football. Despite this, the Tanzanian national football team ‘Taifa Stars’ has been continuously getting bad results in international football tournaments due to a number of reasons the major one being the lack of long term plans in recruiting and developing young football players.
A lack of funding and support has meant a number of talented football players, predominately from poorer backgrounds, have been unable to enjoy organized football coaching sessions and competitive football matches. However, by joining our football coaching volunteer’s project in Tanzania, you will give a number of keen players the chance to train, play and enjoy football as part of a structured team.
In understanding the great values of football to children and youth, the Good deeds Africa Foundation coach football to children at local schools and streets in Arusha aiming at developing youths talents, characters, keeping them from evil deeds like weed smoking, thievery etc. This football project allows you to help young footballers develop in the sport they love while also giving you the chance to experience football in Tanzania.
Our football placements in Tanzania provide an opportunity for all young players to develop their basic skills and techniques with the hope that some may achieve the success of European league stars like Samuel Etoo, Didier Drogba, Victor Wanyama etc. There will also be the opportunity to see one of Tanzania’s many top division club teams – like Simba sports club, Young Africans, and Azam in action. Volunteers sometimes take young players to games to help with their footballing development and to provide a well-earned break from their sports coaching.

As a volunteer on our football program, you will be working with the local staffs and groups of incredibly enthusiastic Tanzanian children. Football is hugely important in Tanzanian society and is an important way of forming friendships and having fun as well as staying healthy.
Volunteers are welcomed to introduce their own ideas as well as bring football equipment such as football jersey, balls, shoes, socks, bibs etc. Strong leather footballs, perfect for Tanzania, can be purchased once you have arrived and will be greatly appreciated, as will your old football boots from home. You will be expected to do classroom-based teaching during the day, and sports in the evenings.
You don’t need any teaching experience or a coaching qualification to take part in this program, but it is recommended that you come prepared if you wish to teach new formations and techniques. Introducing foreign tactics and new concepts can be challenging, especially with younger children, but your efforts will always be met with enthusiasm.

Football is an important means for people to form and maintain strong friendships that might otherwise not exist. This Football program helped so many kids from the streets gave them an opportunity to belong to something, work hard, learn discipline and motivation to work hard in school.


During your time coaching football, you will take part in the morning meeting with the local coaches to prepare the training session, do match analysis and discuss the weekly schedule. In the afternoons you will work with a youth team, giving them the benefit of their newly acquired coaching knowledge, skills, and techniques. They will co-ordinate coaching sessions around topics such as the development of ball control, accurate passing, keeping possession, game tactics and moving into space. Furthermore, you will help the coaches to plan match strategies and take practice games. You will probably be asked to assist in team selection and may even be required to be ‘on the bench’ for weekend or evening matches. Football Volunteers will also participate in ground renovation and maintenance.