HIV/AIDS devastates communities across Africa and many families lose husbands and fathers, leaving their livelihoods in jeopardy. Many people who are known to be suffering from HIV/AIDS in Tanzania can find it difficult to gain employment and ultimately provide for their households. Through our voluntary work and livelihood grants, we provide financial support and advice to help these people build sustainable livelihoods, giving them the chance to feed themselves and live a life of dignity.
The Good deeds Africa foundation recognizes that Tanzanian women are the backbone of daily to daily family activities from providing family food to paying school fees for their kids. In recognition of this, the charity offers volunteers the opportunity to provide assistance to women living with HIV/AIDS, widows and women groups supporting them in becoming more self-sufficient. Volunteers assist the women in crafting Maasai beaded art, leather goods, clothes, and other crafts, which they can then sell in order to earn some income. Volunteers also help to market these items to tourists who are visiting Arusha. In addition, this project provides volunteers with the opportunity to assist with basic crop farming and vegetable gardening as part of an agriculture project which aims to assist the women in working towards self-sufficiency. We also provide the following;

  • Business education to them.
  • Grants round to women groups.
  • Business maturity assessment.
  • Advice them on suitable business to open.

The Good deeds Africa business program recruits business volunteers and everyone who is interested to join us.