As an investment in the future, education is often the most effective long-term solution to poverty. By teaching English abroad or supporting community education you can help underprivileged communities in the inner city and remote rural areas. The charity recognizes that some people within Tanzanian communities have been denied the right to education due to several factors such as being orphans, gender segregation, coming from disadvantaged families, cultural beliefs etc. In recognition of this our charity works with volunteers to achieve the following goals in the education area;

  • To provide free Community English courses
  • To provide free literacy program such as reading and writing to underprivileged tribes and societies such as the Maasai tribe.
  • Teaching the nursery kids reading and writing.
  • To run school renovations projects. Such as painting, murals etc.
  • To arrange and design sports activities for school kids every week.

In this project, volunteers will help and assist at a government nursery or daycare centers. Government nurseries and Daycare centers are always in need of volunteers as they are frequently short staffed. These centers provide low-income families in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions with a safe and clean education environment where their children can play and be looked after while their parents are at work. Paying for private daycare is very expensive for most of the families.

In this program, our main focus is to teach reading and writing plus English language to interested members of our community aged between 10 and above. It must be remembered that some people in these communities failed to get the education which is a very basic need due to multiple reasons such as being orphans, gender segregation, coming from disadvantaged families, cultural beliefs, poverty etc. Due to the strong competition in the employment sector and the costs of adult education in Tanzania, most of the people in this group find themselves out of pace hence involve themselves with illegal activities such as thievery, drugs, prostitution, poaching, etc. In understanding this, The Good Deeds Africa Foundation works with volunteers to provide free and quality education to the interested group of the adult in the community as the best way to help them catch up with a competitive world of employment.

The Good Deeds Africa ¬†foundation recognizes that some people within the community lost both parents due to several reasons HIV/AIDS being the major one. The 2007 UNESCO statistics estimated Tanzania to have 2.6 million Orphans. Parentless situation and greedy nature of some relatives make orphans fails to get some basic needs such as good shelters, clothes, food, proper medical services etc, hence fail to reach their determined goals. Although the current Tanzania government policy insists on free and quality education from standard one (primary level) to form four (secondary level) but still members of this group fail to get school supplies such as books, notebooks, pens, pencils, good school uniforms, pocket money, good shoes, etc. In addition to that, some orphans have been stolen their properties such as houses, land plots, leftover money from their parent’s bank accounts by their relatives hence making them live a very poor life that they do not deserve. Our Charity works with motivated volunteers to accomplish the following;

  • To ensure school supplies such as stationary supplies, good school uniforms, and shoes are available to them.
  • To ensure medical insurance either temporary or permanent insurance is available to them.
  • To ensure we find them good shelters either by renting or establishing a permanent accommodation for them.
  • To ensure we do close follow ups and assessment of the properties that belongs to them and handle them back or where necessary follow legal steps aiming at returning orphans properties.
  • To ensure they get good food and clothes daily.