1.Being Responsible

We believe in having volunteer projects and internship programs that make a long term, positive change to communities and conservation; and we work with responsible partners across Africa and the world to achieve this.

  1. Being Leaders

We lead the way in volunteering by offering unique, high quality experiences and are recognised for growing and improving our own business and the volunteering industry at large.

  1. Being Appealing for Travellers

We expand the horizons of volunteering and responsible travel by attracting a wider range of people and offering new impactful experiences.

  1. Being an Appealing Employer

We attract the right people to work with us and create a dynamic environment where people can learn and grow with the company.


Mr Harry Mlaki

One of the founders Mr Harry Mlaki was born in 1986. He has never known his father since when he was born, so he was raised and cared by his mother till 1995 when his mother passed away. Due to poverty he failed to continue with his primary education until when his grandmother find him a charity organization called KIWAKKUKI which is based in Moshi, Tanzania that started to pay for his school fees with a condition that he is supposed to perform well in class for this contract to continue. This became a turning point in Harry’s life since he has been able to chase up positively with a competitive education system of Tanzania. He was selected to join government education institution which requires best performance from primary school to the university level.

Currently, Harry is a holder of archaeology degree from the University of Dar es salaam and the author of two books, A Souvenir Book about Olduvai Gorge, “The Cradle of Mankind” In 2012 and The Magics Of Northern Tanzania, “The Home of Natural Wonders and Beauty” in 2015.

Since done with his university studies in 2010, he has been volunteering in national parks and conservation areas located in Northern Tanzania. He has also works with various charities that supports community development activities in poor countries an experience that made him dedicate his life in this area of development and finally co-founded The Good deeds Africa Foundation together with Jordan Peter & Wilson. The main reason behind this charity is to deeply reach and to impact positively the needy part of the community, using their lifelong experience with the community and skills and knowledge generated by working with different charity organizations. Harry believes that there are so many talents and dreams in the communities that we are living that fails to nourishes due to multiple reasons and it’s up to everybody to do something to make the world a better place for everyone.